Lighting is the most important element in creating atmosphere and functionality into your interior or garden design. An abundance of natural light through skylights or windows are of prime importance to your health and wellbeing. This is our starting point. Artificial ambient light should be free from glare and provide enough luminance for the task so not to create eye strain and mishaps.

Feature & Mood Lighting

This is definitely where you can have the most fun and incorporate light scenes set to change the way you feel the space. By using a mix of wall, floor, pendant and individual lamps you can create a variety of scenarios to create a mood to suit any occasion.

Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems are becoming more popular in the digital age we live in now. A computerised controlled system that enables you to create a simple lighting sequence to an automated system that adjusts blinds for light levels, home security, air conditioning, underfloor heating, home entertainment and networking.

Electrical Plans

Electrical plans are designed for the placement of power points, TV and data, air conditioning and intercom. During the design development phase, we discuss room layouts and the lighting and electrical needs to express the functionality and ambience needed for the space.