Designing residential interior environments that we live and interact in everyday requires a lot more than simply decorating and furnishing a space. It demands a more focused expertise and skill set related to structural boundaries, space creation and planning, ergonomics, sustainable interior materials, interior lighting as well as other aspects focused on the interior space and scale. When renovating or modifying an interior environment our focus is on interiors that cater for your lifestyle 

We know that choosing the right home contractor to take on your construction project, big or small, can sometimes be an intimidating process. Worries about cost overruns, the quality of the work, sub contractors, choosing the right materials and more can make some homeowners postpone projects for months or even sometimes longer.

We're Hands-On

From concept to completion Brilliant Design Concepts oversee all aspects of design through to construction. This allows us to complete all the components of your project. Which not only saves time and money, it gives us complete control over when and how each task will be completed.

We Get to Know You before discussing your design or construction project details, we learn about you and your goals for the space, for both now and in the future.

We Don't Cut Corners

We use materials fixtures and fittings that will provide you with the best finished project according to your budget requirements. Brilliant Design Concepts have built strong relationships with suppliers who have a proven record of reliable service and quality products.

We Don't Waste Time

Your time is as important to you as it is to us, and our constant involvement means we keep every construction project on time and on budget.

We Offer More Than Just Quality Construction

Brilliant Design Concepts provide plans and project specifications that let you see exactly how things will be done from the beginning.

We're Not Happy Until You Are

Just because your home project is over doesn’t mean we’re done. We do a complete walkthrough to ensure everything meets your standards, and ours. We also offer to go over any and all necessary recommended maintenance, cover all warranty provisions, and answer any and all questions.