Milan Design week 2018 Colour and Design Trends .

June 15, 2018 0 Comments

Milan Design week 2018 Colour and Design Trends.

Milan comes alive every 2 years to showcase the latest Colour and Design Trends.

Milan is the drawcard for Designers all over the world.

The Trend  colours  at the Milan fair  this year were  a mix of pastel colours.  Grey greens and lobster pink contrasted with black, beige and copper were dominant.

Although the Australian lifestyle is very different to Europe the trend colours do flow into our colour palette.

These colours pop up everywhere in hard and soft furnishings wall colours and bathroom tiles .

This year was no exception  I walked the aisles of  joinery displaying layered textual elements on the outside and beautifully compartmentalised to house everything

from kitchen utensils  to  neatly assembled shelving units carving up space to house jumpers, T shirts, bags and shoes.

Lighting played an important part inside the joinery to lite up everything when the drawer opened and magically switched itself off when it closed.

If you are looking to customise your kitchen or wardrobe Brilliant Design Concepts can work with you to create unique design solutions to suit your lifestyle.

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